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Should My Child Take Up Jiu Jitsu For Self Defense?

Should my child take up Jiu Jitsu?

Is it common to get injured?

What else do they learn from Jiu Jitsu besides self defense?

What if they dislike it once I get them started?

These are all common questions when parents are first looking into Jiu Jitsu for their kids and in this article, I will go into all the details you may need to know in order to make the right decision for your little one.

I think we all can agree that if your child comes home from school, letting you know they are being picked on and being pushed around by others, is a heart-breaking moment. It is a day that you hope won’t happen but, in some cases, it is inevitable.

I myself, have been bullied through a great deal of my life which is why I understand just how important self defense is physically but more importantly, mentally for any growing child.

First thing to understand when it comes to Jiu Jitsu, is that it is a grappling art. Naturally as humans, we tend to get an inflated ego when receiving the power of fighting. We don’t want our students, let alone the kids, thinking that they have been given a weapon for revenge to those that have harmed them. We not only believe it is the responsibility of the academy to provide a controlled learning environment in order to help minimize this, but also, we make sure to teach Jiu Jitsu solely for the purpose of defending yourself if needed.

Our structure strongly focuses on the self defense aspect of Jiu Jitsu but also on how these techniques and lessons can be used to engage with the world. Think of Jiu Jitsu as a multi tool. The main foundation of our specific program is to help build a child into a character of strong virtues and morals. In the beginning they will learn what they believe to be simply just techniques however these techniques are teaching tools for developing patience, a strong work ethic, growing their perspective, teamwork and the list can go on! Along the way, they will increase their self confidence, worth and respect for themselves and others. This will allow the kids to be more composed in tough situations that ninety nine percent of kids don’t know how to do, unless taught. We provide them with a structure that helps them grow into a man/woman of nobility and humility especially once they begin to understand what it truly means to be a martial artist. This will create a child that is strong in the body and mind and most importantly, in the heart.

Now, another common concern from parents in their children getting injured since it is a physical art. Like most things in life, nothing in flawless and of course there is a possibility that they can get hurt however in a controlled environment like this it can help be prevented. Also grappling is a low impact martial art therefore unlike striking/Muay Thai, the outcome of injuries is very low. As they make progress with consistency and focus, they will be able to develop their bodies into strong and durable young men and women.

This is all sounding great so far but what happens if your child is telling you that they dislike Jiu Jitsu once you got them started? My answer to this tends to be a little bit more on the harsh side and some parents may disagree. The teachings of Jiu Jitsu will help lead your child into creating a life for themselves and we all know that this is something every parent wishes for their child; a happy and successful life. Our children, in the process of achieving that successful life, will have to endure some things that they may not fully enjoy. During the early stages of development, it is a crucial time to instill the values that are best for them and if that is skipped, that child won’t understand the meaning of hard work and not quitting, especially when faced with something slightly unpleasant. Once kids learn how to manage those mental hurdles, they will begin to love what they may have struggled with, appreciate the hard work and effort, and will end up feeling incredible about themselves as they have gained and will continue to gain that wisdom. We can’t forget as parents and leaders, that it is for the intention of a better life in the long run for our children.

One thing to remember is that a child is shaped by the things they hear, see and do during these early stages of development.

We want to help make them into a powerful and wise human being and this has to come through discipline and things we may not fully enjoy. However, we know in our hearts what the children will become and the successes they will achieve if we help them not give up when the going gets tough.

To learn a little bit more about me and to really understand why I want to spread the beauty of Jiu Jitsu to others, especially children, head over to our About The Academy page.

If you still are having questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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