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Is Jiu Jitsu The Right Sport For My Teenager?

With a constantly changing body and the mind beginning to adapt to young adulthood, parents might think that adding a new sport into the mix might be too overwhelming for their teens. In the past, teenagers typically always hung out with their friends outside of the school or home. However today, with technology being the ever approaching giant that casts its shadow amongst us all, we can’t help but be drawn to it and become technology obsessed. That constant stimulus and spikes of dopamine just simply draws us in.

From this growing obsession over technology, we have seen changes in the new generations. Talking to others has become difficult and teenagers can’t seem to hold a conversation or hold eye contact. For some, this has even become terrifying. Now, having said all this, how is Jiu Jitsu involved in this? And more importantly…

What can Jiu Jitsu do for your young adult?

Physical Fitness

In order for a young individual to grow into their max potential, a few things have to be in check. Fitness is among one of the most important things with teenagers. Regular exercise for these young adults keeps the brain healthy, allows for better sleep, their focus is increased and they develop discipline. What makes Jiu Jitsu unique in the fitness category, is when you are training and get a sweat going, you don’t have the feeling of running through a tedious exercise over and over again. It is a lot more fun and exciting to practice. Let’s not forget that when an exercise is fun, time flies by and you end up burning more calories than you would by simply going to the gym. An average adult can lose up to 1000 calories in a 1 hour class provided they are there with the intent to push themselves.

Character Building

In these modern times, we forget the importance of building up each individual while focusing on the values of honesty, integrity, courage and the ability to be understanding of others. When it comes to martial arts and Jiu Jitsu specifically, the traditional value structure teaches them the importance of hard work and diligence, but now with a new age update. The world, especially for a teenager, feels unfair, tough and can be filled with grief. The only way to make something of this, is through the development of the individual. Having the ability to hold strong in tough times and understanding how to apply certain tactics in order to move forwards, is vital for these young ones. Jiu Jitsu provides lessons that can be taken into the outside world and allows them to have the tools they need for their journey ahead.

Self Defense

If your teenager is being bullied, no matter what school you transfer them to, there will always be another bully waiting to find someone to pick on. It is almost impossible to avoid. This is not intended to add fear for you or your teenager, however, this is the reason we look to particular sports like martial arts and Jiu Jitsu for self defense.

What is the best thing to do when encountering a bully?

Do we avoid them at all cost?

Do we stand up to them in a fight?

We learn Jiu Jitsu to know how to defend ourselves. By getting stronger, faster and wiser in the technical art of Jiu Jitsu, it will allow us to become extremely prepared for physical confrontation, but never seek it out. As a teenager, the training will allow your teen to state his/her stance in the situation with courage rather than crippling fear. When you teenager knows they can handle themselves, you will notice it helps create a different aura around them; an aura of power, confidence and self worth.

Martial arts, like Jiu Jitsu, will always be one of the greatest modes of self development.

Jiu Jitsu covers many life lessons with the added bonus of turning someone into a sophisticated warrior by knowing the ins and outs of grappling combat. Do your teenager a favour and try out a Jiu Jitsu academy that offers a class for teens. It is something that will make the biggest difference for them, long term, in order to navigate their way through life.



Our vision is to create a community in which you can continue to inspire one another and to achieve greatness through the teachings of Jiu Jitsu and Yoga. The tools and instruction we provide will help one discover their true purpose and gain more control on life as well as learning how to balance out one's body, and mind at any age.


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