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When you think of martial arts, the mind goes to styles like Karate and Taekwondo because they are some of the oldest styles. We are also reminded of these styles through memorable movies such as the classic: Karate Kid. The lessons that the Karate Kid taught us are things that we all remember. The Karate Kid created wonderful memories and the lessons taught are things that continue to inspire parents to put their children into martial arts.

The everyday person continues to look to martial arts for fitness, self defense and to be a part of a tight knit community. Fast forward to modern times, martial arts has innovated new styles; one of the newer martial arts being Jiu Jitsu.


If you have ever watched the UFC, you have seen Jiu Jitsu in action. One of the main reasons Jiu Jitsu became very popular is that it is an extremely effective yet sophisticated art. Nowadays, modern Karate doesn’t practice live continually in order to refine the most effective strategies. Practicing Karate live more often, would mean you have to strike (punching and kicking) your training partners. This also makes it difficult to improve within Karate, without that live drilling. However, Jiu Jitsu, being no impact, allows for a higher volume of live training at a higher intensity level bringing you a real scenario of resistance. Jiu Jitsu allows you to take control in the fight, leaving your opponent incapacitated without hurting them. This is why the techniques are very effective; it’s merciful.


Karate uses striking as modes of their attacks. Although they work, if you imagine the long-term results on your physical body, you will acquire more damage. The beautiful thing about Jiu Jitsu is that is has NO heavy impact like punching or kicking. Because of this, it creates a safer training environment for families as well as maintaining cognitive function allowing you the ability to train long into your golden years.

One of the most impactful characteristics of Jiu Jitsu, is its ability to dramatically affect your everyday life. It helps to increase confidence when approaching things like a job interview or your love life, it builds a stronger physical body and helps to relieve stress within your mind. Imagine having the belief in yourself and the courage to step outside your comfort zone to face your fears; truly knowing you have what it takes. This is yet another thing that the teachings of Jiu Jitsu can bring to you.


Specifically, to our Stasis academy, we integrate Yoga for Recovery alongside our Jiu Jitsu programs in order to create a unique experience. Our yoga structure is used for the purpose of physical and mental recovery. This is done through building a better range of motion and increasing flexibility which helps to prevent injury as well as reducing next day soreness and burnouts. Yoga also helps to reduce anxiety while strengthening the mindset.


With this blend of Yin and Yang, you will have a truly fulfilled experience. Our programs strike the perfect balance between maximum improvement with full mind/body recovery.

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