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"Professor Estefan is really attentive and genuinely wants every single one of his students to succeed. He is very knowledgeable and is able to clearly explain all the minute and important details of each technique and concept. He also caters his program to different experience level and adjust it for each student he teaches. I have been under the care of professor Estefan for about a year now and I have made a lot of progress in both my technique and understanding of Jiujitsu after taking lessons from Professor Estefan..."


"...Apart from learning jiu jitsu skills I feel better coordinated, stronger, and balanced. Estefan goes at length to not only perfect your moves but to teach you the core concepts of jiu jitsu. Apart from the skill itself you will walk away with a lot of knowledge. Thanks to just a few minutes of each class i've learned to stand up on the yoga ball. Estefan teaches a variety of moves from take downs to submissions which are applicable both in BJJ and self defence. He was able to carefully assess my level and gear the classes to me. This is not an easy hour of my day but it's definitely worth it, you will love it too!"

student taking a jiu jitsu private lesson by a black belt










Time Constraints

For those that have a busy schedule and find themselves not being able to make it to a regularly scheduled class, private sessions as a fantastic option. Sessions are negotiated with the professor to find the time that works best for you, keeping your life balanced.

Personalized Strategy

Being that private sessions are one-on-one, the professor has the ability to really personalize the techniques to the individual. The professor will focus on your temperament, size and physical ability in order to build a strategy that can make the process of learning that much faster.


Reiki sessions with Bianca are magical! She is clearly passionate, knowledgeable and experienced as a Reiki master... Her confidence glows as she takes her time in preparing the space for your utmost comfort and relaxation. Bianca’s presence alone is very calming and caring, which allows one to equally become in tune with the present, breathing and clearing the mind of any thoughts. She patiently guides her client through the Reiki session and always provides a full explanation of the session, as well as answers any questions to ensure full understanding. I love the feel of a full body cleanse, and the way I feel grounded and better connected to my mind, body and soul after a Reiki session.


I thoroughly recommend Bianca, her expertise and knowledge made my Reiki experience truly exceptional;

not only was my session with her educational, but, the entire experience was relaxing and allowed me to connect my mind and body. Looking forward to another session with Bianca very soon.


1 hour session


45 min session


30 min distance session



Reiki healing is energy healing. It is an energetic massage of the central nervous system. It uses the 'universal life force energy' by laying on hands to promote stress reduction, relaxation and light healing of the physical body as well as opening emotional and spiritual blocks.


Reiki (energy healing) works by opening the flow of energy through our physical bodies, working with our energy channels and the chakras. This helps one become more connected to their soul and their energetic essence. The process of a Reiki healing session gives you a chance to begin to develop an understanding of the deeper issues and root causes of what you are dealing with or what is affecting you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


Crystal therapy is also used during the session by having specific crystals placed on the body, over the chakras, to help increase the flow of energy as well as many other benefits.


Each session is closed off with vibrational sound healing by using crystal singing bowls or a Tibetan singing bowl and tingsha bells.

Ask about Distance Reiki sessions!

a client recieving a reiki session
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